Prague, Czech Republic

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Jul 2017

Childhood Memories and Nostalgia

Prague was like time traveling. To all the good parts.

The streets of Old Town Prague are filled with souvenir stores and cute handicrafts. Every store I walked into had a different nostalgic tone. Some felt like a mini cottage house and others like your grandfather just unearthed his collection of old and delicate wooden handmade toys from the attic. Whatever it is, it just felt so heartwarming.

At this one particular toy store, I immersed myself and completely lost track of time. Rather, I went back in time to the old childhood days. There were rows and rows of wooden toys on the shelves, hanging over my head and against the wall. The entire space was enwrapped with toys that it felt like a safe space.

It's one of those places where you think to yourself "I'm gonna buy these for my kids". Just for a moment, I forgot about all the Nintendos and iPads our generation grew up with, and just appreciated these old school toys.

It was so good to remember that the little things are enough to make us feel happy and grateful. Because sometimes, we just forget.