Melbourne, Australia

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May 2017

Artsy Laneways and Hipster Vibes

I’ve heard so much about Melbourne. The coffee culture, the street art and them amazing brunches. It wasn't until I visited did I realize how special the hipster scene is.

When I first stepped onto the streets of Melbourne, I felt an air of energy and creativity. The relaxed pace, the calming soundscapes of the tram, the hidden laneways, and the smiling faces. And it seemed especially romantic in the Fall, splashing the city with its gradients of orange, red and yellow.

Renowned for its street art, Melbourne's alleyways continously surprised me with the most interesting murals and graffiti pieces. Every laneway had a story, whether it's a restaurant's kitchen scene, a wedding shoot or just the bustling sounds of appreciation from locals and tourists alike. Every corner I turned into seemed intentionally designed because the colors and shapes just fell in place so effortlessly. And yet, there are new graffiti with every visit.

My favourites were the Centre Place laneway and Hosier Lane. There were quaint coffee shops and street art tucked away in every nook and cranny. A whiff of caffeine here, expressions of joy by the donut store there and overall just positive vibes from the colorful graffiti. It was very inspiring.

For what it's worth, the graffiti scene here defies what conventional wisdom would associate graffiti with, or what some may refer as, "shady". In Melbourne, it was classy and is something proudly celebrated by the city.

I've never felt fonder of a city. So liberating, so energetic. Melbourne is such a hidden gem; you never know what to expect.