A Summer's Worth of Interaction Design

July 2017

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design Summer Program

I enrolled in this intensive summer program on Interaction Design and its application in the fields of spatial design, IoT products, VR/AR/Mixed Reality experiences and Machine Learning. I wanted to expand my design skill sets and tool box to better design empathetic and innovative experiences.

Connecting Realities, Physical Spaces and Digital Artefacts

An immersive, blindfolded audio experience unfolding humanity's impact on Mother Earth overtime, based on the user's walking speed and direction. Close your eyes and have a listen!

Health Connectivity

A connected health diagnosis system designed for rural and remote communities. Users can monitor their health using this kit and submit their health data to appropriate health care providers for assistance on need-basis.

Machine Learning for Interaction Design

An interactive experience where users can manipulate weather conditions and build a virtual city. We machine trained a series of basic body gestures and audio interactions as inputs. The outputs are elements of a city (buildings and people) and weather (sun, rain, snow). Users' gestures will be detected via a kinetics sensor and the outputs will be projected on the screen.