I design meaningful experiences and tell stories.

I'm passionate about designing great experiences. Creating those special moments and resonance excites me. It's the convergence of empathetic storytelling, physical human interactions and digital tools.

My background in hospitality taught me the core principles of human-centric design, marketing in the retail space taught me that devil lies in the details, and my experience in the travel space has taught me all about data-driven storytelling, empathy and immersion.

Always on the lookout for design collaborations & travels adventures.

Venture & Experience Designer

Build enterprise-grade products, platforms and services at startup speed.

We embark on ventures, or journeys, with business founders, startups and enterprises to discover their value propositions, craft meaningful experiences and scale their futures.

Data-Driven UX Designer

Craft innovative user experiences for a loyalty program.

Asia Miles empowers customers to derive value from their everyday spendings and turn them into lifestyle and travel rewards.

My challenge was to communicate that value by enhancing customer journey and successfully leading all data-driven UX efforts in personalization, user engagement and gamification modules.

Market Associate

Put heads to beds via Expedia brands.

Expedia provides travelers with the best choices and the flexibilty of DIY-ing your trips.

My key contribution is in optimizing the customer search experience by securing competitive rates, inventory and great deals for the HK market. I also guest blogged on the Expedia HK Travel Blog for Taipei, Bangkok, Seoul.

Marketing Assistant

Engage customers in the makeup of feeling good and confident.

My experiences in product marketing included 40+ annual product launches, business analyses, and introduced tailored make up experiences both in-store and at events to retain and acquire new segments.

Interaction Design

A summer's worth of interaction design in IoT, spatial and VR/AR experiences.

User Experience Design

Student and now apprentice of design thinking methologies alike and the craft of seamless user experiences.

Hospitality & Business Major

Dual Bachelors Degree in Hospitality and Business Administration

Applying the best of both worlds to everyday user touch points, special moments and luxury experiences.