Penang, Malaysia

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May 2018

Colors of Heritage and Historical Stories

George Town is a UNESCO world heritage site in Penang, Malaysia.

Back in 2009, the state government launched an open challenge calling all artists to retell the stories of Georgetown. Artists around the world submitted their works and the result was a collection of curated stories that capture the Malaysian heritage, history and everyday life.

The entire city turned into a living 3D museum, bringing the characters and scenes alive through illusionary effects and interactivity.

There are plenty of guides that map out the street art locations, and you will find something at almost every corner.

Following them in the right order, however, takes a bit of planning.

One of the series is a set of steel rod caricatures by the design studio SCULPTUREATWORK.

I also had no idea that Jimmy Choo started his apprenticeship here in Georgetown. What an inspirational ‘small town, big dreams’ story.

My art encounters continued when I stumbled upon this enclosed art space in a random alley. It was quiet and barely anyone was there. Wall after wall, it was splashed with positive messages, installations and vibrant colors.

As you can tell from my laneway discoveries in Melbourne, I love street art.

It’s so raw, so organic and a beautiful artistic expression.